Every client is a separate entity, which is why the technical solutions in production, and the weaknesses within the system, are generally very different at our client farms.

We do not forcefully change the concept to our preferred method if the production and the economic structure are working.

Whether the problem is managing the staff, improving the farm’s hygienic conditions, defunct feed or the high cost of production structure, you can count on our vast experience and our team’s and partners’ expertise.

Our two main objectives are to increase the profits at our client farms as well as improving the wellbeing of the animals. There’s wisdom in the saying: A healthy animal is a productive animal.

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  • Initial consultation
  • Mapping out the weak points and analyzing them
  • Investigating the level of consulting needed. We are flexible in our approach. Some farms require, for example, a certain number of visits a year. Others prefer the ”handing out the keys” service, in which case our team manage the entire production development and a professional on our payroll will cover the farm’s daily management duties.
  • We compile written reports outlining the progress during set intervals, agreed individually with each client